It’s becoming more difficult to create Google Voice numbers outside the United States. Because more and more oversea user wants to get a GV number. To get multiple free Google Voice phone number, applicants must pass extensive reviews of their US mobile phone number, terminal device, and IP environmental footprint.

If you have been troubled by registering a Google Voice number outside the US, this article may help you to find a solution to get a GV number.

The advantage of Google Voice’s free US phone number is 0 monthly fee, and a long-term zero-cost virtual phone number that can make and receive calls for free, and it can be used to receive SMS verification codes for most websites or APP applications for free.

Get Google Voice Number Outside The US

When registering a GV number, the US native IP address and device environment are the most important. This is the main issue that most people met.

Because when verifying Google Voice with a non-US wireless number or a phone number that has already received the Google Voice registration verification code, Google voice will give you this phone number cannot be used for verification google voice.

Google Voice doesn’t tell you registration failed when the device environment and IP address do not meet the requirements for registration. Once you pass SMS verification, you would like to have a GV number, but you don’t.

US native IP (IP type is ISP, IP type generated by GCP is Bussines, it is difficult to apply successfully), the higher the degree of camouflage, the greater the chance of successful registration.

US native IP
Visit website to see your IP anonymity.

The Internet environment in the United States, includes the operating system in the English language, the time zoon in the United States, and the browser in English. If you do not use the AdsPower anti-association fingerprint browser, it is also possible to connect to a remote computer in the United States to register.

Ready for getting Google Voice number

  • Clean device. It is recommended to use the AdsPower fingerprint browser for getting multiple GV number. A free account is OK.
  • Clean IP address. It is best to use a native US IP, such as the US home broadband IP or the IP of the US mobile network, the IP address from niche VPS hosting.
  • US SIM card. Unregistered GV and non-fixed phone numbers, such as Lycamobile, H2O, Ultra Mobile orange card, and T-Mobile US SIM card are fine.

The above conditions are to simulate a real user registering a Google Voice account in the United States. If you’re in the US, it’s fairly easy to sign up for a toll-free US phone number from If you are not there, it is also very simple to ask a friend in the United States to help you register a GV number. Of course, if you do not meet the above conditions, you have to work hard and apply GV by yourself.

Sign up GV number with the new version of Google Voice

Open the AdsPower browser, register a free AdsPower account, then create a new Gmail environment, select for the accounting platform

The proxy IP address environment is usually port 1080, depending on the configuration of your own proxy server. After the setting is completed, click OK to complete, and then open to enter the set fingerprint environment. When the AdsPower browser opens the configured fingerprint environment, the IP detection page will pop up automatically.

Open a tab and enter the GV official website: and then log in to the prepared google account. It is best for Google to register itself or to transfer the GV number to an old google account.

select a google voice number

Select the Google Voice number and enter the area code, for example, 929 is the area code for New York. It is recommended that the number attribution should be the same as the US region where the current IP address belongs.

Select the Google Voice number

After selecting the number, you need to enter a US wireless number to receive the Google voice registration verification SMS. After selecting the number, click Verify.

However, no matter whether the registration of GV is successful or not, each US entity number can only have one chance to receive the google voice registration verification code.

The method of receiving text messages with free US network virtual phone numbers (txtfree, twilio, etc.) mentioned in the previous online tutorials is now completely invalid

You can also enter the application process by using the US IP or public proxy node of some computer rooms. In 99% of cases, after receiving the verification code SMS, the US wireless phone number does not apply to the GV number, and you are asked to select the GV number again.

There are still many IP addresses of some niche VPS or cloud servers of large companies that have not been registered with GV, and may still be used to register GV numbers, such as Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, etc.

If you enter the verification code, then it prompts “You need to get a Google Voice number before you can make calls and send text messages”. Indicates that the registration failed.

Get US phone number to verify Google Voice

It is the main problem how to get a US SIM phone card when you register your GV number.

The following US SIM phone cards can be used to receive SMS verification codes for free when roaming outside the U.S.

Verify Google Voice without phone, Google Voice Verification Code Platform

If you want to verify google voice without a real phone, you can get a virtual number for google voice verification. Some verification code platforms provided paid verification services.

The US phone number from the GV verification code platform has relatively high requirements on IP. There is no guarantee of 100% success. The actual operation of the verification code platform may have to pay some tuition fees. Even if it spent 2 USD to receive the 6-digit google voice verification code.

Sometimes it may fail due to IP address reasons, and you need to try several times.

Advice: If you try 3 times ($6) and still fail, give up decisively.

Google Voice Verification Code Platform

serial number website URL Business description Recommended
1 SMSCODES.IO 1. Need to pay $2.1 USD
2. High success rate
2 PingMe Mainly provide fee-based services ★★★
3 mytrashmobile Provide a total of 6 numbers in the United States, Britain, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Hong Kong and other regions ★★★
4 verifywithsms 1. Every time you receive a verification code, you spend $2.35
2. High success rate
5 Twilio 1. You can get a gift of $15.5 for registration
2. Assign a US number
3. You can successfully receive the verification code, but the requirements for the IP address are extremely strict

Keep Google voice US phone number live

The GV number needs to send a text message or make a call to keep it alive within 6 months. If it is not used over time, it will be canceled by Google. There will be email reminders one month and one week before the recycling.

In the past, GV numbers also allowed a $20 buyout, but now it is normal to not sell out a permanent number.

Multiple GV number logins must use a fingerprint browser, Google does not allow the same person to have multiple GV numbers.

Google Voice calling rates

China – Mobile/Wireline: $0.02/min
China-Hong Kong mobile/landline: $0.03/min
More information on the official website of national tariffs:
Google Voice recharge
After entering the official website to log in to the account, open the website, click the settings icon in the upper right corner

Buy Google Voice number

Google Voice accounts are not allowed to be sold, but it can be purchased from secured platforms, like eBay. The risk is relatively high. Some of the GV numbers I bought were blocked before logging in, or they were blocked soon after logging in. It is better to buy a GV number with a warranty.

Use google voice outside US

if I plan to travel to Asia, will my Google voice virtual number work in other countries like India and Singapore? Can I receive calls/texts from the US while traveling outside? Can I make calls/text US numbers while traveling outside the US?

You will be able to use your Google Voice number while you are traveling abroad. You will not be able to link the number to your foreign carrier, but you can use the built-in VoIP client in the Google Voice app, and on the web. You should install the app, and make sure the VoIP works prior to leaving the USA. You may be unable to install the app once you leave, with an error that Google Voice is not supported in your country.

Do not let a 6 month period go by without placing a call, or sending a text message. If you do, Google will consider the number to have been abandoned and may reclaim the number.


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