Discord is an a very well-known instant messaging platform and and free-to-use VoIP group chatting application that lets players to create communities and use various communication methods, such as video and voice calls, file sharing, and more. Through Discord, players can voice chat, video call, and text each other through both text channels and direct messaging.

With its booming popularity, as maximum people are now socializing online on the application and playing games, the platform is said to have over 140 million monthly users. Players are allowed to create servers in which they can add their friends and other players. He is free to create as many servers as he would like. Many businesses, companies, and startups find Discord useful to communicate daily in the work-from-home situation.

Like various other similar services and social networks, Discord might also request its users to verify their accounts via phone. In this article, we explain how this type of authentication works on this platform and how you can do it by using a temporary phone number instead of a personal one.

How to bypass SMS verification for Discord using a Virtual Number

Why Does Discord Ask for Phone Verification?

To avoid spammers or hackers, Discord has several security measures like phone verification and two-factor authentication. These measures ensure Discord that its users are not robots, which can be a huge security risk for the application and its users.

Discord users can create special communities called servers within which they can communicate with their friends, family, or fellow games. If groups like these are set up as public, there’s a chance they could end up being full of spammers that can spoil the fun and overflow the channel with irrelevant content.

There are two cases of phone authentication on Discord:

  • Occasional phone authentication
  • Phone Verification Level

Occasional phone authentication is a preventive step the platform admins take at times to confirm your identity if there are any strange or suspicious activities on your account.

Highest (Phone) Verification Level is a special section on your Discord account where you can choose to verify your phone number to join someone’s community.

You might want to bypass the phone verification process, as it comes with many issues. The issues can be:

  • Wrong or invalid chosen country code
  • Burner number detection, which is blocked by Discord
  • Another account that used the same phone number during verification
  • You do not have a phone number for verification
  • Incorrect verification code entered

bypass SMS verification for Discord

How to Bypass the Phone Verification?

You can’t avoid entering the necessary details once you receive a notification that you need to verify your account.

Considering security and privacy, you can bypass SMS verification with our free virtual number if you don’t want to use the Discord app without adding your number for SMS verification.

What you can do is try to verify your account with a fake phone number . Cloakmobile provide the free temp phone number to receive SMS verification online.

Our webapp offer a temporary phone number that you can use to verify not only your Discord account but any other service that comes to your mind! Using our temporary numbers will keep you safe from spam texts and make sure no one can discover or misuse your real contact info.

Here’s how our feature works:

  1. visit cloakmobile.com using your web browser
  2. Select Create a temporary number
  3. Click on View Text Message once you request a verification code on the platform.
  4. Paste the verification code you got from Discord into the text field. Enter the verification code into discord login settings once again.

Receive Discord Verification Codes Online

To use Cloakmobile’s services without the cloakmobile app, there isn’t require to sign up for an account. Once you visit cloakmobile.com, you will select any  secondary phone number to Discord receive SMS containing a Discord SMS verification code.

Bypass Discord phone verification by email

Bypass Discord phone verification by email

If this method is already thought by other people,  if this method does not work, then I’m sorry. It probably got found out by discord then.

What you need :

The email address you use for your discord acc (if you do not have access to it, then this method wont work)

Use the email address connected to your discord acc and email to [email protected]

Email this to them :

Hello, I recently logged on to my discord account and found out that I need to verify my phone. However, after entering in my phone number, no code was sent to me. After that, I decided to verify using my email however there wasnt an option to do that. Therefore now I’m stucked on the phone verification page. I would glady appreciate if you can fix this as I would really want to regain access to my discord account again. DO NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD

3) After emailing them, please be patient and wait for their reply. Cooperate with them (if they need you to do anything) and you should be good.

4) Done! Your account should be unlocked and you should be able to use it now!


In this article, we discussed how you can use fake phone number verification to either unlock your locked account or during a fresh login without using your real phone number. Cloakmobile.com offer free phone verification services.

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