With a China virtual mobile number, you have the power to receive SMS verification codes and call at all times from anywhere in the world. No matter whether you are settled abroad, travel often, or work remotely, you can always enjoy your virtual presence around the world.

However, China’s phone numbers are like some mysterious being. To prevent fraud, A passport or A Chinese ID card is required to buy a Chinese phone number in China. And you need to take the passport to China Mobile or China Unicom or China telecom business hall.

Therefore, China’s virtual phone number is clearly the best solution if you are outside China.

The legal virtual mobile phone number provider in mainland China include Ali Xiaohao, China Mobile-Heduohao, China Unicom-Woxiaohao, and Tencent-Weixiaohao(only for users of China Unicom).

The positioning of the virtual mobile phone number is “disposable”. And operators’ virtual mobile phone number products tend to be second phone numbers. These providers require real-name authentication to get virtual mobile phone numbers. You may need a friend that is Chinese because it had legal in China that residents to buy you a virtual mobile phone number.

Can these four products be registered in WeChat, Douyin, and other apps? If the registered application only needs to receive the verification code, then all three products can be successfully registered. But if you sign up for WeChat, then Heduohao and Weixiaohao support send SMS.

Ali Xiaohao(阿里小号)

Ali Xiaohao is a privacy protection APP launched by Ali Communication. With this software, users can get virtual phone numbers on the same phone without a SIM card. This number can not only make calls, send and receive text messages normally, but also independently set the usage time, power on/off status, and do not disturb time. In addition, the cost of holding multiple mobile phone numbers is lower for users, and there is no need to buy another mobile phone.


How to buy a china number in Ali xiao hao?

After the Ali Xiaohao APP is installed, you can get a mobile phone number without a SIM card. This number can normally make calls, send and receive text messages, and the charges are based on the bound local main number. The fee is 36 RMB/year.

Function: The Ali Xiaohao virtual phone number is suitable for receiving and receiving express text messages and takeaway calls. Advantages: this phone number is registered with the enterprise information and does not occupy the 5 SIM quotas in an operator.

Ali xiao hao renewal

If you are an old user of Ali xiao hao to renew Ali virtual phone number, you can go to the customer service of the online Tmall.com to ask for a coupon: Get 5 coupons with a discount of 36-16, the current phone number price is 36 RMB/year, after using the coupon, you can At last year’s price of 20 RMB/year, the renewal fee is 5 years.

If you need to use a new number after 5 years, you can contact customer service to apply for renewal at the original price. Ali xiao hao extension coupon collection time is 2:00-5:00 p.m. every day. If you can’t collect it at other times, it will cause you inconvenience and trouble you. If you need to extend the unexpired Ali phone number, you can use the Taobao account you purchased the Ali trumpet to contact the customer service here between 2:00-5:00 pm to receive a coupon extension.

Ali xiaohao is limited to 5 applications per person For phone numbers, each mobile phone number can only be bound to two Ali xiaohao. The renewal price is 20 RMB/year. It has an app, the bill is easy to view and the phone number can be verified to WeChat.

Buy a China Virtual Phone Number on Alixiaohao 2022

Nowadays, it is very difficult to get a Virtual Phone Number inAli xiaohao. There is almost no number in the library. But, you can get a Virtual Phone Number in the official online shop store of Alibaba Cloud.

Go to Taobao website to find the official shop of Alibaba Cloud (not the flagship store of Alibaba Cloud Communication, don’t look wrong), place an order to buy a 5 RMB coupon for Alibaba’s xiaohao, and then ask the customer service to open the Ali xiaohao.

The following is my conversation with customer service:


Then, I used the 20 RMB/year coupon from Alicom’s shop (the two are different stores) to renew the fee.

The method of use is as follows:


How to send text messages to numbers starting with 106 from Ali xiaohao

Edit the text message content + space, and then send this message to your Ali Virtual Phone Number. The principle is that the information is sent to the virtual number, and the virtual number is forwarded to 106xxx. It has been verified that a message is sent to the number starting with 106 to unblock WeChat or register WeChat.

The content you want to send 106XXXXXX

Some APP application registration requires SMS verification, such as using Ali virtual number to verify WeChat. In the past, all Ali virtual numbers could send text messages to numbers starting with 106.

Later, Ali communication was restricted. At present, only some Ali virtual numbers can send text messages to 106 through the above methods. For example, my Hangzhou location virtual number can send text messages in this way, but my Guangzhou location virtual number cannot.

2、 WeChat – Weixiaohao

WeChat has launched a china virtual phone number server named “Weixiaohao”, a virtual calling app similar to Alixiaohao. It is a virtual mobile phone number that can be processed and used without a SIM card. It can be used to make calls, send and receive text messages, etc.


Weixiaohao relies on the applet of Wechat which cannot be done without opening the applet. It should be noted that when you enter the target number in the applet, the actual dialing/sending is a small number, which is like the VOIP phone. The SMS can only be sent 10 a month, more than 10 can not be sent.

How to get a china virtual phone number in WeChat – Weixiaohao ?

Search 微小号 on WeChat. Currently, only the china Unicom users are supported to get the virtual numbers.

After integrating the mobile phone number, you can select the number.
After the selection is completed, the real-name authentication will be performed, and then the payment will be opened.

Open  WeChat – Weixiaohao account, you need to integrate your phone number and real-name authentication. One mobile phone number/one ID card can handle 2 accounts at the same time within one natural month.


The monthly fee for the Weixiaohao is 10 RMB/month. You can choose to automatically renew, or you can only use it for a single month. The payment method is WeChat payment.

Is Weixiaohao virtual number able to send text messages to numbers starting with 106?

Weixiaohao virtual number isn’t able to send verification codes to SMS ports such as 1069. If you do not need to send verification codes when registering on WeChat, you can register on WeChat. Not if, you can’t create a Wechat account. For mobile phone accounts on the WeChat platform, one mobile phone number can buy 2 virtual phone numbers per month.

Change phone number

Users can change virtual phone numbers 2 times within one natural month, which is more flexible. If users do not need this function, they can choose to cancel the virtual phone number at any time. However, it must be noted that once the virtual phone number is abandoned, it cannot be retrieved, and the number can only be re-selected.

The main purpose of virtual phone numbers

The positioning of the Weixiaohao virtual phone number and the applet are both “disposable”. From the perspective of usage scenarios, most of the “disposal after use” is used for SMS verification. The role of the virtual phone number is a mobile phone number that can be used for receiving/making calls, receiving/sending messages (limited to 10 per month, and receiving text messages will not be affected) without applying for a physical SIM card. It is mainly used to protect the owner’s personal privacy and prevent harassment when shopping online, ordering meals, and exchanging numbers with strangers.

3、China Mobile-Heduohao(中国移动-和多号)

Heduohao virtual phone number provided by China Mobile, a maximum of one virtual number can be bought per month, and a maximum of 5 virtual numbers can be bought per year.

Without changing the mobile phone or adding a SIM card, the mobile phone can add multiple (up to 3) 11-digit mobile phone numbers on the basis of the original number as a secondary number to meet the needs of customers.

Using different numbers to communicate with different groups of people by voice communication and text messages; at the same time, There is no need to carry multiple mobile phones to achieve the purpose of separation of communication circles, privacy protection, and no-disturbance.

The main purpose of Heduohao


Not afraid of number leakage, the bombardment of business by business advertising information, separation of work and life, avoid unnecessary entertainment, strangers, and strangers, contact agents, etc.

Heduohao tariffs

5 RMB/month or 36 RMB/year. The monthly subscription of 5 RMB is paid for the phone bill, and it is a continuous monthly subscription.

How to buy virtual phone number of Heduohao?

Install the Duohehao(和多号) APP to select the number, no need to buy multiple mobile phones/multiple SIM cards, at most one card with four numbers, the monthly function fee for each secondary number is only 5 RMB, and the communication fee can be shared with the main number package. However, it will occupy a quota of 5 cards for an ID card.

create Wechat account with Duohehao

The virtual phone number of Heduohao can be used to verify WeChat. Because the Duohehao can send SMS to numbers starting with 106. Duohehao has opened the ability to upload SMS to some ports since about 18 years, including the WeChat port. So the secondary number can be used to register WeChat.

Through the customer service channel, we learned that these provinces have opened WeChat uplink: Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Ningxia, Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shandong, Fujian, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Shanxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, Chongqing, Hainan, Heilongjiang, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Hunan, Hebei. In addition, try to choose a number starting with 147 and 157 for the secondary number, and the success rate of activation will be relatively high (you can also change the number by changing the mobile number, and then re-register a new WeChat with the old mobile number. The path is as follows: My-Settings- Account and Security – Mobile Number – Change Mobile Number)

How to use Duohehao numbers?

Heduohao is an app, but every time you log in, you need to verify the integrated mobile phone number. Since the prefix 12583 plus the serial number and number is displayed for incoming calls and received text messages, the other party’s number can still be identified.


Duohehao phone number mainly realizes the dialing/texting function by adding the prefix 12583 and the serial number, such as 12583 (prefix) 1 (serial number) 13*****2222 (target number).

At the same time, it also supports the use of the client for dialing/sending text messages, which is more convenient for the client, and you can directly select the trumpet for dialing/sending. No matter what dialing method is used, the final dialed/received number is prefix + sequence number + destination number.

4、China Unicom – Woxiaohao(中国联通-沃小号)

China Unicom’s “Wo Xiaohao” business can add multiple (up to 4) mobile phone numbers (sub-numbers) without changing the phone or SIM card on the basis of the customer’s existing mobile phone number so that customers can use different numbers to communicate with different groups of people. Voice communication, SMS, and other products for calling and called communication needs.

How to get Woxiaohao(中国联通-沃小号)

WoXiaohao is an APP. After installation, you can give your virtual mobile phone a mobile phone number without a SIM card.

Download and install the Woxiao client in various mobile application markets.


  • Select “My” on the APP to enter the login interface
  • Click to log in
  • Enter the main number of the trumpet account you want to register
  • Get the verification code, which will be sent in the form of SMS
  • Enter the verification
  • After the login is completed, click “+”;
  • The user is prompted to subscribe to the Woxiao account for 10 yuan/month. Obtain the second confirmation SMS for confirmation;
  • After selecting the number of small numbers, perform real-name detection according to the user prompt
  • The real-name detection time for natural persons is from 7:30 to 22:00. In order to ensure user experience, the client only allows From 7:30 to 21:30, users can register for the trumpet service. If it is not within this time period, the user will be prompted: “Dear user, hello, the trumpet registration time is from 7:30 to 21:30, please Register during this time”.

The virtual phone number can be up to 4. According to relevant national rules, a user can have a maximum of 5 mobile phone numbers at the same time, so if you have already applied for multiple China Unicom numbers, it will affect the number of virtual phone numbers you can apply for. For example, if you have already applied for 3 China Unicom mobile phone numbers, you can only apply for 2 virtual phone numbers at most.

Can Woxiaohao register on WeChat?

The sub-number of phone numbers of Woxiaohao products cannot be used alone. It supports domestic voice and point-to-point SMS functions. It does not support sending SMS to the platform number. It can only receive SMS messages starting with “106”; the sub-number cannot activate data functions and does not support value-added services.

Note: The secondary number does not support sending text messages to platform numbers (including but not limited to short numbers starting with 1 and 9). You can receive text messages from short numbers starting with “106”. In addition, it does not support receiving text messages from other platform numbers (including but not limited to short numbers starting with 9 characters). Therefore, WeChat can only be tied to WeChat, and cannot be registered with WeChat.

Virtual mobile phone number summary

In terms of convenience, Ali Xiaohao is recommended, why can’t you get Ali trumpet?
In essence, it is not that the trumpet cannot be obtained, but the number pool of Ali trumpet has been locked, and even the legendary old version cannot apply for a new number.

At present, the virtual trumpet that is easier to use is to consider China Mobile and Duohehao. The number quality is good, and it is recommended to use Duohehao. Most of the micro and Ali trumpet numbers display virtual numbers, and some platforms may be banned.

There is no China Telecom virtual phone number on the market for the time being. Basically, only China Unicom and China Mobile can use it. In the past, China Telecom had a winged Virtual mobile phone number app, but it was shut down later, and there is no sign of starting it now.

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