There are many kinds of UK international SIM cards in the UK mobile market, but only four main common carriers: EE, Vodafone, O2, and 3 . Others are attached to one of the four companies.

Lots of UK free mobile sim cards in today’s competitive market. Talkhome, Giffgaff, Three, CuniqUK, CTExcel, CMLink, WorldSIM, all are UK’s cheapest pay monthly SIM. There are no monthly fees or contracts to sign. Since the phone number is a Uk local real phone card and not a virtual number, it is easy to register to popular APP and websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, WeChat, Zhihu, Douyin, Alipay, etc.

You can order UK sim card from abroad. Just need to apply for a free global roaming SIM card on the official website of the UK carriers. Wherever you are, the SIM card will be mailed directly to your address free. No cellphone roaming charges across the EU.

UK SIM Cards: Cheapest Prepaid

Best sim only providers the UK

Many carriers issue the cheapest prepaid SIM cards with no monthly fees . Free inbound calls in over 100 countries, not pay high roaming charges when traveling abroad.

Mainly including the following UK phone plans:

  • Pay as you go, you can buy a card and use it directly in this phone plan, and then you can continue to use it if you continue to recharge it when it is used up. If the phone bill is not enough, you can recharge it at any time, and you can usually buy recharge coupons in street supermarkets, which is very convenient.
  • SIM Only Mobile Phone Plans, this phone plan is a well-known package model, with regular deductions, generally including 30 days without a contract and 12 months with a contract, and generally requires the ID card and addresses, which can only be obtained after a credit review.
  • Contract Mobile Phone Plans, this plan is also what we often call contract phones. Generally, contracts ranging from 12 months to 24 months are signed in advance, and then a certain amount of call charges are returned every month. If you just want to change your phone and you’re in the UK for a long time, this option is also more cost-effective.

The difference between Sim Only and Pay as you go is that Pay as you go can be bought by everyone. You do not need to verify your identity and do a credit check, such as phone card vending machines at airports and railway stations. There are pay-as-you-go cards sold by various companies.

You don’t need any identity or address information at all. You can use it directly after you buy it and charge it. It is worth noting that even if many companies are Sim only 30 days (30-day SIM-only package), they still need to show your ID, address, and review your credit before deciding whether to sign for you.

Choose Uk international student sim card or use the SIM card to receive text messages outside of the UK.
We need Zero monthly rent, and without holding costs, the Pay as you go plan is most appropriate.


The best pay as you go SIM or best UK phone plans for international users:

1. China Telecom CTExcel SIM card

CTExcel mobile service launched by China Telecom for overseas public customers. CTExcel leases EE signals from mainstream British operators. Telecom CTExcel is also the Chinese operator in the UK with the largest number of Chinese users.

China Telecom CTExcel SIM card

Users can collect the card in China in advance, and then use it in the UK. CTExcel supports free shipping globally. This SIM card can be activated by inserting the card and calling any phone one day before arriving in the UK (just hang up before calling), and the card will be activated within 180 days. The service will be terminated without any usage records.

It is free to receive text messages, you can use 180 days without paying a fee, and you can get another card after it expires.

Getting SIM card

2. China Mobile CMlink SIM card

The mobile CMlink phone card has the same operation mode as the telecom CTExcel, and it is also the signal for renting EE, and there is a signal almost everywhere.

China Mobile CMlink SIM card

China Mobile’s ultimate nirvana is roaming in four places, that is, in the UK, EU-designated countries, Hong Kong, and mainland China without any additional cost, you can directly use the data in the monthly package, which is really convenient. Whether traveling in Europe or visiting relatives in China, you can travel the world with one card. CMlink can use China Unicom and mobile signals to choose one, mainly depending on mobile phone support.

Order URL:

3. China Unicom CUniq SIM card

Unicom CUniq SIM cards use O2’s network, similar to the use of mobile and telecommunications UK cards, you can send cards to China for free if you have time.

China Unicom CUniq SIM card

4. giffgaff sim only deals UK

giffgaff sim only deals UK

The official website can apply for a SIM card for free, no ID card and other documents are required, it is an anonymous sim card UK, and it can be mailed directly to around the world for free, but it is sent by ordinary mail, and the fee is relatively cheap.

It is free to call and text each other in Giffgaff carrier.

Giffgaff sim card

Order free Giffgaff sim card UK from

Choose only a SIM-free package. If you only receive text messages, you can use them for 3-12 months for free. It is very easy to use to register with Facebook, Google, etc.

5. Three sim card UK

Three sim card uk


Three Pay as you go plan suit someone with receiving text message outsider fo UK, it needn’t monthly rent.

is valid for 6 months after the card is inserted, so Three SIM is the best 6-month sim only deals uk.

hello sim card

Three Pay As You Go SIM cards can be shipped free to the UK location.

Order free three sim cards UK from:

6. Talkhome SIM card UK

Talk Home (based on EE network) has a better signal than giffgaff, small operators, Pay As You Go SIM card is valid for 3 months outside of UK, which is cheaper, can be extended, and is easy to obtain. It can be used to register a large number of various APP.

talkhome sim card

What device does UK SIM  support?

It is a unified UK mobile phone card.

International SIM cards work on any unlocked GSM world phone, including most iPhones and Android devices. The international SIM card is compatible with any unlocked GSM world phone. You can add a location phone number or choose a free UK number. Inbound SMS texting is free in all countries.

Get your international sim card at no cost

The Pay As You Go tariff registration cards from Giffgaff, Three, and Talkhome are the most suitable for verity various APP. And these numbers are real numbers. All apps that support registration with international numbers are considered competent.


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