How to get German phone number for SMS verification?

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With a virtual phone number from Germany, you can use online phone numbers to receive SMS online, especially, receive SMS verification code to verify your accounts using a temporary mobile phone number.

However, a temporary German virtual phone number can only be used once, for example, to create a fake Facebook account once. But you can’t use it to receive a verification code to recover your account since the password won’t work a second time. Virtual phone number is unstable and cannot be used for a long time.

It is the most reliable method that using a German prepaid international roaming SIM card with low monthly fees and roaming in your country.

How to get a German prepaid international roaming SIM card outside of Germany?

Germany Ortel prepaid SIM card and Germany Vodafone prepaid SIM card can be used for long-term roaming.

The Ortel prepaid SIM card is valid for 3 months after activation, and the expiration date is extended for 6 months after top-up. Vodafone prepaid SIM card is valid for 4 months after activation, and the expiration date extended for 6 months after recharging.

There are 20 mobile network carrier in German, and the competition is fierce. Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, and O2, Deutsche Telekom is the largest telecom operator in Germany, and Vodafone is the second-largest mobile communication company in the world, so the roaming signal has been widely in most countries of the world.

In addition to competing with their own products, the three major German operators have also established many subsidiaries to enrich their products and services. For example, Deutsche Telekom has congstar, Vodafone has otelo, O2 has Blau, Fonic, K-Classic Mobil and so on.

There are generally two types of SIM cards in Germany: prepaid SIM cards (Prepaid-Karte) and Contract Mobile Phone Plans (MIT Vertrag). From July 1, 2017, Germany began to implement new regulations in the Telecommunications Law.

A valid ID must be provided for registering a SIM card: for foreigners residing in Germany, both a passport and a residence permit are acceptable. Therefore, the German phones used to receive text messages and make calls outside of German are basically prepaid SIM cards with Pay as you go plan.

Germany phone number is widely used on social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat) verification.

SIM card international roaming tariffs

Germany ortel ortel SIM card After 3 months of activation, after the valid
topup, it will be extended for 6 months
Free Receive SMS
Send SMS 0.3€/
call 1€/min
Recharge 15€, 6 months extension
Germany  Vodafone Vodafone SIM card Valid for 4 months after activation
, 6 months extension after topup
Free Receive SMS
Send SMS 0.3€/
call 1€/min
Recharge 15€, 6 months extension


The long-term use of German SIM cards international roaming is similar to that of located SIM phone cards. After activation, it is valid for 3-4 months, and then it needs to be recharged for 15 euros before it can be extended for 6 months.

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