Do you need a Vietnam virtual phone number to verify Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many more? It is the most reliable method that using a Vietnam prepaid international roaming SIM card with low monthly fees and roaming in your country.

Because a temporary Vietnam virtual phone number can only be used once, for example, to register a fake Facebook account once. But you can’t use it to receive a verification code to recover your account since the password won’t work a second time. Virtual phone number is unstable and cannot be used for a long time.

How to get a Vietnam prepaid international roaming SIM card?

here are 5 Major MNO in Vietnam. Viettel、Vinaphone、Mobifone、Vietnamobile、GMOBILE_BEELINE, most of which can be roamed outside of Vietnam. That means you can use Vietnam prepaid SIM card international roaming around the world to receive message verification codes.

No ID card or personal data is required to buy Vietnam prepaid SIM card, Vietnam’s phone number is widely used on social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat) verification.

Viettel is the largest and the best mobile operator in Vietnam. Viett has a military background and has the best network speed, but the market share is small due to it being expensive.

Mobi and Vina are the most commonly used in Vietnam and have better internet speeds.

Vietnamobile is the fourth largest operator in Vietnam. The internet speed in Vietnam is relatively slow, but due to its cheap tariffs, it is suitable for international Roaming, receiving text messages, answering calls, and registering various APPs, especially for Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok registration.

About Vietnam phone numbers:

  • Vietnam country code +84
  • Vietnam
  • Vietnam mobile number 10 digits, for example, 0533332222
  • Dial a Vietnamese number, for example +84889988990 (+ cannot be less, long press 0 to appear +), the same as texting
  • Outgoing/receiving calls: 30,000 VND/min Sending SMS: 5,000 VND/message

Vietnam phone sim card

Vietnamobile SIM card has two packagings, packaging different prices different, two of which cannot be permanently extended, and only one can be extended for a long time. It is suitable for the registration of Shopee.

Does the new Vietnam SIM card need to be activated? Can the card be used immediately?

Vietnam prepaid SIM card does not need to be activated, just insert the card into mobile and it can be used

If you are in Vietnam, you can insert the new card immediately after you get it. If you receive the SIM card outside of Vietnam, please do not open the data after the card is turned on. Because the Vietnamese SIM card is an international roaming card, after inserting the card, a lot of software on the mobile phone will automatically start running and run in the background, which will directly generate roaming data and deduct the card fee.

Has Vietnam SIM card enabled international roaming service?

After the Vietnam mobile phone card is activated, the international long-distance and roaming functions are automatically opened.

Vietnam Vietnamobile mobile phone card tariff and extension

According to the current Vietnamobile operator policy, the number will be automatically extended for 45 days for every VND 10,000 recharged. Top-up method: you can dial *101#, the system will send a text message, plus 45 days, the validity period of this number

SIM name Picture Introduction Remark
Vietnam Vietnamobile Vietnam Vietnamobile SIM card top-up VND 10,000, extension for 45 days Receive SMS for free
, send SMS 5,000 VND/item, make and
receive calls 30,000 VND/min

If you want to extend a longer time at one time, there are also ways:

  • Top up within 20,000 VND, the extension is 3+45=48 days
  • Top up 20,000~49,000 VND, the extension is 10+45=55 days
  • Top up50,000~99,000 VND, the extension is 60+45=105 days
  • Top up50,000~99,000 VND, the extension is 60+45=105 days
  • Top up200,000~299,000 VND, the extension is 180+45=225 days
  • Top up300,000 (including 300,000), the extension is 360+45=405 days

Vietnam mobile phone number extend the expiration date: dial *101#, the pop-up number will be +45 days, which is the validity period of the number, dial *101# and the number will pop up, on the left side of the picture below; then within a few seconds, a text message will be automatically pushed, on the right of the figure below.

Vietnam Vietnamobile sIM extend the expiration date

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