Lots of people need Philippines virtual phone numbers and fake Philippines mobile phone numbers for SMS (registration in services) verification codes. But the philippine virtual number is not fully reliable due to without SIM card on hand.

It is the best solution to receive a verification code that uses a Philippines international roaming SIM card with low monthly fees, and roam in your country.

Own Philippines SIM card is the most reliable way to receive a verification code. You use your personal Philippines phone number for verification of various websites and apps. No privacy concerns, you can use your Philippines phone number all the time. It’s nothing to worry about virtual phone numbers valid and you can’t recover your account through your Philippines phone number.

Some Philippines prepaid SIM cards are able internationally roaming for verifying APP and can roam around the world. The main mobile network operator in the Philippines are Globe, Smart, and sun. One of Globe’s plans is best for roaming outside the Philippines, with a maximum validity period of 12 months and unlimited renewals.

Globe international roaming SIM card

The SIM Phonecard in the Philippines is all prepaid SIM card, a SIM card without any function, you don’t need to sign any contract with the network operator, as long as you put it in mobile phone, the phone will have a phone number, but other than that, it has no function, and then buy a stored-value card to recharge. The package also sends a specified command text message to the 8080 number.

Usually, supermarkets and convenience stores in the Philippines sell Pre-paid Sim Cards. The SIM card is generally 40 pesos: there is no money in the GLOBE card, 40P prepaid in the Smart card, and the recharge card can be purchased in different amounts (100P, 300P, 500P) as needed. ) to recharge.

The Philippine Globe phone card shipped by Cloakmobile company has no insertion marks on the card core. All of them are imported from the Philippines. It is guaranteed that no secondary operations have been carried out (you can check the card core after receiving the goods). For: Share-a-load, this recharging method, to share the call charge, is to share the call charge in its number through the main account, this recharging method, the number will not be extended, please choose, direct charge way of calling. (Currently tested, Globe extension renewal package / 25P is the direct charge)

Philippines prepaid SIM cards

About Philippines phone number:

  • Philippines area code+63
  • Philippines
  • Philippines phone number 10 digits, for example, 9276170630
  •  Dial *143# to check the balance of the phone call.

How much does the Philippine Globe SIM phone card cost?

Globe card purchased locally in the Philippines: 40P (about 1USD). Official website purchase link: https://shop.globe.com.ph/products/prepaid-products/5g-sim?option=137075 (only mailed to the Philippines)

What is the tariff of the Philippine Globe roaming outside of the Philippines?

  • Receive SMS for free
  • It is valid for 6-12 months after the first purchase and can be extended to one year by recharging 0.5USD
  • After recharging, you can make calls and send text messages in China, only receive text messages without recharging
  • Outgoing calls 120P/min, answering calls 70P/min
  • Send SMS 20P/piece
  • 100 Philippine pesos is about 2USD


SIM card SIM picture Introduction Remark
Philippine Globe Philippine Globe SIM card It is divided into two types: half-year validity period and 1-year validity period.
Recharge 15P and renew for half a year
After receiving SMS, you can make calls and send SMS in China after free

How to use Globe Sim card, loading, adding value, and choosing a plan?

After putting in the SIM card to the mobile phone, recharge it, and then choose a suitable package, otherwise, if you don’t choose a package, the call will be spent quickly. Globe Sim card has standard SIM (also known as MiniSIM), Micro SIM, and Nano-SIM. Today’s mobile phones are all inserted with Nano-SIM cards. Globe, like our location telecommunications operators, will give you three sizes of suit cards to choose from. After inserting the Globe card into the mobile phone, there is a signal from Globe, indicating that the SIM is normal.

Philippine mobile SIM phone card top-up method:

  1. Philippine prepaid SIM card. There are two sets of numbers on the GLOBE recharge card. One group is the card number, the other is the password, dial 223, and input in turn after hearing the voice: card number#password#, that’s all, the validity period of the recharge card is 30 days. (To check balance: send BAL to 222). The Smart recharge card has a 14-digit PIN code. Enter the 1510+14-digit PIN code, press the dial key, and hear the voice of successful recharge, which means the top-up is complete.

2. Top up with PayMaya Wallet

3. Use mobilerecharge.com and recharge.com to top-up

How to check the expiry date of the Globe mobile number?

To log in to your Globe account. If the number of phone numbers is more, it is recommended to top up all the phone bills at one time. So recharge once every six months, double guarantee.

If you send a text message in the Philippines, you can get the validity period, but outside of the Philippines, you need to log in to the official website to check.

1. Create Globe account: https://www.globe.com.ph/globeone/enrolled-accounts/prepaid/dashboard.html

Create Globe account
2. Log in to the Globe – bind the number (one account can be bound to multiple numbers) (you can also operate through the APP and download GlobeOne)
log in Globe website
bind Globe phone number
3. Check the balance of the Globe, recharge record, number validity period, etc.

Check the balance of the Globe
Check the balance of the Globe
Check the balance of the Globe

The philippine phone number for verification purposes, we usually enable the overseas roaming function and then only receive text messages outside of the Philippines. It’s better does not to use the call and data functions and do not send text messages, so that the Philippine Global card can survive for 6-12 months. Because there are not many Philippine phone cards used to register trumpets, there are currently no restrictions on registering various APPs. The more common Google, Wechat, WhatsApp, Douyin, and other businesses can be verified.

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