Do you need a Thailand phone number for OPT verification? For example, use a temporary Thailand virtual phone number to verify your WhatsApp Thailand account.

This guarantees that everyone can verify their WhatsApp Thailand profiles with Thailand phone number, use a Thailand prepaid international roaming SIM card with low monthly fees, and roam in your country.

Own Thailand SIM card is the most reliable way to receive a verification code. You use your personal Thailand phone number for verification of various websites and apps. No privacy concerns, you can use your Thailand phone number all the time. It’s nothing to worry about virtual phone numbers valid and you can’t recover your account through your Thailand phone number.

How to Buy a Thailand prepaid international roaming SIM card?

There are 3 Major MNO in Thailand: Happy, Truelove, and AIS, all of which can be roamed outside of Thailand. That means you can use Thailand prepaid SIM card international roaming around the world to receive message verification codes.

No ID card or personal data is required to buy Thailand prepaid SIM card, Thailand phone number be widely used on social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat) verification.

Thailand prepaid international roaming SIM card
The mobile phone network in Thailand is dominated by three major operators: AIS, DTAC, and TrueMove H

  • Thailand area code +66
  • Country: Thailand
  • Thailand phone number: 10 digits, such as 0998877666
  • Thailand’s country calling code is +66. However, it’s not necessary to dial +66 from within Thailand.
  • Thailand SIM cards are available in convenience stores and supermarkets in Thailand. You can buy a Thailand phone SIM card online if you aren’t in Thailand.

1.Dtac prepaid SIM card

Dtac is the famous happy SIM card. The general package is unlimited data for 8 days (the first 15GB is high-speed 4G data) + 15 baht call charges.

It is actually 8 days of 15GB 4G data + unlimited 2G data + 15 baht calls. Supported frequency bands: GSM network, WCDMA 850/2100MHZ frequency band, FDD-LTE 900/1800MHZ frequency band. The Happy card has many discounts, and there are often traffic gifts.

You can get the exclusive privilege of free travel insurance for Happy Tourist Phone Card users (no need to buy insurance!), users can get 8-day “travel accident insurance” for free, which covers life loss, disability, blindness, and other personal insurance caused by accidents, with the highest compensation of Up to 100,000 baht. And insurance coverage for loss or loss of personal luggage up to 5,000 baht. The insurance coverage period is 8 days. After the coverage period is reached, the insurance service will be invalid immediately. Dtac SIM card is suitable for travel in Thailand.


No activation required: insert the sim card, restart the phone, and select the network.

The account and password of the WIFI network will be sent to the mobile phone in the form of text messages. In places covered by the WIFI of the Happy network, you can use this account and password to connect to the WIFI, make calls to the local Happy network/other networks at 1.25 baht/minute, and send a local text message at 3 baht/ 5 baht/article for sending international text messages.

Dial *101*9# to check the balance, *101*1# to check the traffic situation, and *102*9# to check the card number.

2. Turemove prepaid SIM phone card

Truemove H prepaid SIM card, a common Thailand travel package with 8 days of 3GB 4G data + unlimited 2G data (including calls).

This card is used for roaming in most countries of the world to receive text messages. Through Thailand’s temporary virtual phone number, You will hide your true identity, will prevent your real phone number from these sites to promote your real number and you will prevent sending spam messages.

If you choose a suitable package, you can achieve a validity period of 30 days, 4G data, and 0 baht (monthly rent 5 baht), which means that the monthly rent for long-term use is only 0.2USD/month. The author has a Truemove H SIM card remain on hand from a previous trip to Thailand, and successfully created a Facebook account with this Thailand number. After returning to untied States, as long as you recharge any amount before the expiration date, it can be extended for another 2 months.

Turemove SIM card

TIPs for using Red Card TrueMove SIM card

The monthly fee of the True Card is 10 baht/month, and you can recharge 5 baht 12 times in a row, with a one-year extension. Subsequent recharges can be continued for an extension, so that the card is always in a valid state.

After the True Card is activated from Thailand and mailed to your country, there will be insertion marks on the card core. To check the validity period of the number, you can dial *123#. After receiving the card, please recharge immediately to prevent the card from expiring and the number being recycled by the operator. True cards are red cards, referred to as red cards.

Truemove, dial *123# to check the validity period. Dial *123# to inquire about the balance, dial *900# to inquire about the traffic situation, dial *833# to inquire about the card number, customer service hotline: dial *9090, dial *9090 and turn 2 for Chinese customer service, the recharge address on Truemove H official website: http ://


This card is widely used in Shopee and Lazada verification, of course, various domestic APP applications are not a problem. The cost is low, the renewal fee is cheap, and the card is stable.

3. AIS prepaid SIM phone card

AIS is the largest telecom operator in Thailand, with wide signal coverage in the rural area of Thailand and slightly more expensive tariffs.

AIS mobile phone card, as a registered trumpet, is also very suitable for verification and use. After activation, it is valid for 1 month when roaming in mainland China, and the validity period can be extended by recharging.

AIS prepaid SIM phone card

Green Card AIS Fees and Activation:

  • AIS monthly fee is 5 baht (1.09 yuan) / month, you can recharge 5 baht 12 times in a row, and the extension is 1 year. Subsequent recharges can be continued for an extension, so that the card is always in a valid state.
  • After the AIS card is activated from Thailand, it will be mailed to your country. There will be insertion marks on the card core. To check the validity period of the number, you can dial *121#. After receiving the card, please recharge it immediately to prevent the card from being expired and the number from being recycled by the operator.

AIS prepaid SIM phone card

How to check the balance of the AIS calling card?
For green card AIS, dial *121# to inquire about the balance and validity period, dial *121*3# to inquire about the remaining data, and dial *545# to inquire about the card number. Currently, when you visit My AIS for the first time, you can get 1GB of data valid for 3 days for free. The website is %2Fhome

Customer Service Hotline: Dial 1175 and press 2 and then 3 for Chinese customer service. The Chinese customer service time is 9:00-18:00 Thailand time. The rest of the time, only Thai and English customer service is available.

For green card AIS, dial *121# to inquire about the balance and a screenshot of the validity period.

It can be extended for up to 1 year at one time, and then 5 baht (1.09 yuan) per month. For example: For example, if the extension recharge time is January 26, 2021, then the card can be extended up to January 26, 2022. , and after a while, the extension can be continued.

About the tariff of Thailand calling cards:

SIM name picture of SIM card info tariff
Thailand TrueMove 泰国TrueMove红卡 The card starts to count,
valid for 1 month,
can be extended
Receive SMS free
send SMS 11 baht /
call 33 baht / minute
Top up 10 baht per month, 1-month extension
Thailand AIS 泰国AIS绿卡 Issued 20-day valid
Thai baht and sent after activation,
can be extended,
recharge 5 Thai baht for a 1-month extension
Receive SMS for free
Send SMS 11 baht /
call 19 baht / minute
Top up 5 baht per month, 1-month extension
    • the plane only support receiving TXT message for verification codes
    • If you need to send a text message or make a phone call, please recharge first. The charges are as follows:
    • Red Card True Outgoing/Answering Calls: 33 Baht/min Sending SMS: 11 Baht/Receive SMS: Free
    • International traffic: (download the official APP, you can check)
    • 10 days 7GB – 430 baht
    • 30GB for 20 days—2129 baht

Those who go to Thailand or are about to travel to Thailand on business can use the cards of any of the above three telecom operators in Thailand, and the tariffs and traffic are similar. Any business can get a Thailand phone number to establish a local presence.

Thailand Ais (green card)/TrueMove (red card) requires a local operation in Thailand, inserting the mobile phone to enable international roaming, and then it can be used in China, so each card has insertion marks, which is a normal phenomenon.

If you want to roam in mainland China and use it to register various APP trumpets, then Truemove H calling cards and AIS calling cards are undoubtedly the best choices. They are real mobile phone numbers in Thailand, and they have many users. They are the favorite customers in the Southeast Asian market of major applications, so even if they are used a lot, the chances of being banned are not high. After all, this number segment is restricted, and normal user registration is also restricted.

In addition, Truemove H calling cards and AIS calling cards are inexpensive to use, and the 30-day validity period is sufficient for registration verification requirements and can be used globally for roaming.

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