If you want a Malaysia phone number for various websites and apps, you can buy a Malaysia Prepaid International roaming SIM card with low monthly fees, and roaming in your country.

No ID card or personal data is required to buy a Malaysia Prepaid SIM card, so lots of Malaysia temporary phone numbers be widely used on social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat) verification.

There are 4 Major MNO in Malaysia, namely Maxis, Celcom, Digi, Umobile. With 3 of them (Maxis, Celcom, Digi) splitting the majority of the market, the quality of service they offer is wildly different.

Maxis by far offers the fastest data network in the city area but its’ coverage of the rural area lags behind Celcom slightly. Digi is the mediocre player among them but had the advantage of being the cheaper choice among them. Umobile is the MNO with the least market share but by far offering the cheapest options however as expected, they are having the least coverage as well as the slowest data network averagely.

Saving you time and effort, we have compiled the best Prepaid International roaming SIM card with low monthly fees in Malaysia in this list so you can easily compare them and find the one that suits you best.

About Malaysia Phone Number

  • Number query: Malaysia country code is +60
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Dial a Chinese number, for example +8613166889999 (+ cannot be less, long press 0 to appear +), the same as texting
  • Dial the Malaysian number, for example +601122334455 (+ can’t be less, long press 0 to appear +), send SMS the same as Celcom (purple card)
  • Inquiry number: Dial *124# Umobile (orange card) and dial *118#

Malaysia calling card

There are mainly 4 major operators in Malaysia:

  • Digi: also known as the Yellow card), with the fastest 4G speed, is a card commonly used by locals in Malaysia and is known as the most cost-effective card in Malaysia.
  • Hotlink: also known as Red card, known as the best signal, the most recommended by everyone in the major travel notes.
  • Celcom: also known as Purple Card, is a Malaysian state-owned enterprise because they do the infrastructure of the entire telecommunications company. They claim to have the most extensive signal coverage and are suitable for use in very remote areas in Malaysia.
  • Umobile also known as orange card, to create shopee and Lazada account is the most cost-effective, and the recharge call fee is extended for 50 days. After getting it, it is recommended to extend the recharge to prevent the number from being recycled due to expiration.


All Mobile Network operators in Malaysia do not have the concept of monthly fees. As long as you recharge, you can extend the SIM card expiration date.

Extension rules for each operator: Recharge amount + 50 days (for example, if you recharge MYR 5, the number will be extended for 55 days, and if you recharge MYR 50, the number will be extended for 100 days )

Celcom prepaid SIM card

Known as the “Island Signal King”, coverage of the rural area,  Celcom calls 0.28RM for domestic mobile phones and 0.18RM for domestic landline calls. If you want to use 3G network, we recommend Celcom’s XPAX card, open 3G, 18 MYR a week for unlimited time and unlimited data, and 5 MYR a day for unlimited data.

This SIM card is used for OPT verification. The most cost-effective package is a 50-day validity period, which can be renewed for 50 days at 1 MYR.

To check the validity period of the Celcom number, dial *124#, the validity period of the number will be extended by 50 days after the pop-up validity period, as shown in the figure above.

Digi prepaid SIM card

If you have a kinda limited budget and you want the most bang out of your bucks, choose Digi.

The Dig SIM card with the yellow sign is a prepaid SIM card issued in Malaysia, similar to the plan of  Pay as you go, one-way charging (the dialer pays).  Based on the WCDMA network, after the call ends, it will send you a text message to remind you how much the call cost.

The Digi phone card is used to receive SMS verification codes. After activation, it has a validity period of 50 days, which can be extended. It is a brand new cardboard. Recommended options: 50-day validity period, 4G data, no extra data gift, 1 MYR extension for 50 days.

Digi prepaid SIM card

Hotlink prepaid SIM card

The Hotlink SIM card with the red sign is a postpaid plan issued by MAXIS Malaysia. It is valid for 1 month for registration verification purposes.

If it is for traveling abroad, you can use up the 4G data provided by it. After using up, you can open a 4G data package of 3 MYR 1GB/day, 10 MYR 900M, call China (1320086 + mobile phone number) 0.1rm/min, call Malay local (direct call) 0.24rm/min.

Tunetalk prepaid SIM card

What about other Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Malaysia? Such as Tunetalk, Yoodo, Redone, etc.

Tunetalk, is a niche operator in Malaysia. Because the 2G signal is provided, the communication rates for domestic and international roaming in Malaysia are very cheap.

For registration verification purposes, you can choose a 1-month, renewable package, the card is sold only for the card.

Umobile prepaid SIM card

If you just don’t care about slow internet, bad coverage, and just want something that works some of the time if not most, and comes with the best benefits that you can’t finish monthly, choose Umobile.

Especially if users use prepaid SIM cards outside of Malaysia for verification, Umobile SIM card is the best choice.

 Malaysia phone number

To check the validity period of Umobile phone number, dial *118#, and the validity period of the number will be extended by 50 days after the pop-up validity period. Screenshot below:

The list of apps of Malaysia phone number verification

Facebook google zoho yandex yalla yahoo whatsapp weststein
weebly webmoney vk viber venmo uber twitter twilio
tinder tiktok ticketmaster The Insiders telegram taxi_maxim taobao taxi_maxim
TAN suomi24 streetbees steam snapchat skrill saicmobility rambler
qq qiwi promua pof paypal paddypower oracle onrealt
olx+goods.ru olacabs office365 offerup oD nike netflix neteller
naver mts ms MrSpeedy1282 MoneyRawr michat meetme mamba
mailru lyft locanto localbitcoins livescore linkedin line lazada
kakao jd instagram icard grindr grailed grabtaxi gmail
glovoraketa gettaxi gameflip g2a fullcontact fotostrana fiverr fastmail
easypay drug dromru doordash dodopizza discord didi dent
craigslist contact coinbase cmobil careem burgerking bolt bandus
badoo avito autoru aol amazon airbnb 1688

Malaysia tariffs in Malaysia:

Name SIM picture Info tariffs
Malaysia Celcom Valid for 50 days after activation (extendable) New card board
recharge 1 MYR  extension for 50 days
Receive SMS free of charge
and start timing
to send SMS 2 MYR/piece to
make/receive calls: 6 MYR/minute
Malaysia Umobile 20 days to 30 days validity (extendable) including card board + number
recharge 1 MYR  extension for 50 days
Receive SMS
when it is sent out for free, start timing
to make/receive calls: 5 MYR/min
Send SMS: 2 MYR/slip
  • Outgoing/receiving calls: MYR 5/minute Sending SMS: MYR 2/ receiving SMS: Free
  • Data fees are very expensive, MYR 38/day (500MB)

How to extend the expiry date of Malaysia SIM card

  • Celcom recharge 1 MYR  , number extension for 50 days
  • Umobile recharge 1 MYR  , number extension for 50 days


Choose Malaysia SIM card according to your needs. If you are traveling in Malaysia, choose Digi card for large traffic, choose Digi card for fast 4G Internet access, and choose Celcom card for better signal on the island.

Of course, if it is only used for roaming in outside of Malaysia , receiving text messages, and registering and verifying around the world, Celcom and Digi are the best choice, followed by Hotlink and Umobile. The most important thing for Malaysia SIM cards is not to forget to recharge. If you want to recharge at one time with a validity period of 1 year, it is actually possible, that is, a one-time recharge of 300RM for the phone bill, then it can be extended for 350 days.

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