China number can be used to verify and register for various Chinese websites and apps, to verify Alipay, Wechat, Douyin, Weibo, QQ, and many more.

You need a Chinese card or a passport to buy a Chinese phone number in China. And you need to take the passport to China Mobile or China Unicom or China telecom business hall. But this is too expensive to be commercially viable. Therefore, a virtual China temporary phone number or disposable phone number may achieve your aim of verification even though you’re not in China.

China phone number

What is a fake China number?

A fake Chinese phone number is a virtual phone number without a SIM card, it is always online without the need for a smartphone. You can use it to receive SMS for OTP verification. The virtual china number is almost the same as real china phone members except for the route code. Such as begin with 170, 171,165, 162 ,184 route code . It is provided by the mobile virtual network operator.

Where China virtual phone numbers can be used?

China virtual phone numbers receive text messages anonymously online from anywhere in the world regardless of your location. Of course, registering a Chinese website or app is the most profitable. Some apps and websites must be accessed with china’s mobile numbers, for example, AliPay, QQ, Wei Xin/Wechat, Jingdong, Zhihu, Weibo, Baidu, bilibili, Douyin, kuaishou, iqiyi, etc.

china virtual phone numbers can be used

Is it safe to use a temporary Chinese phone number to receive SMS?

You do not typically need to provide your own private data to use china’s phone number for OPT. Whether it is safe depending on your use, we suggest you use a temporary china mobile number on unimportant apps. You’d better not use it in the bank and wallet app. Because the vendor cannot guarantee the temporary Chinese phone number will remain open at all times.

virtual China phone number

How to get a virtual China phone number?

There are two approaches to obtaining a virtual China phone number.

Method 1: Appy Ali Xiaohao, you can get a virtual China phone number without a sim card. but it’s charged,20rmb for 1 year temporary.
阿里小号(copy and paste these Chinese characters on Apple app store) This app can provide you a Chinese phone number.

Method 2: Visit It is a free phone platform with virtual China phone numbers, you can get free Hongkong phone numbers. You can get phone numbers for bypassing OTP in many popular Chinese apps.

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